In case you missed it (what a shame) or you just like to be remembered here a some impressions from our and your "Great Get Together"... What a fabulous afternoon we all had on the 18th of June!
We started the day with the wonderful Jacquelyn Hynes and her fellow musicians playing Irish folk with a strong world-music feel, thanks to the percussionist from Tunisia. Although it was probably too hot to dance we got told that some of you came specifically for her performance. After some cooling down and necessary hydration this was all meant to change with our second band. Interfunk consisting of seven musicians (yes, 7!) and led by the amazing Hums succeeded in getting the audience on their legs and onto the dancefloor. Old and young, tall and little, picnic enthusiasts and passionate dancers from all round the world enjoyed themselves to the sound of Soul, Funk, and Reggae. A very special moment. Diversity couldn't have been celebrated any better! We are grateful to all the people that helped us making this event such a success including Jake from Total-Harmony, the Pavilion and the Cafe on the Green as well as everybody that joined us for this afternoon.
Thank you so much! Hopefully we will see you again and maybe your friends(?) for our next event. Stay in touch (Facebook or Twitter) and look out for future things to come.
Your Friends of Bruce Castle Park