The Friends' Group held their first "activity" on Sunday 24th July 2016 in Bruce Castle Park: several members walked the park and engaged other park users in a short survey to find out from them what they liked about the park, what they disliked and what things should be changed. We achieved a total of 74 completed individual questionnaires, some of which were completed by several people together.
On the day, we were also supported by Councillor John Bevan and Councillor Kaushika Amin and later on, Councillor Peray Ahmet (Cabinet Member for Environment) joined us at the Pavilion to hear first hand the park users' feedback and to look at the issues raised during a walk through the park.
In our next meeting, the Friends of Bruce Castle Park will evaluate the feedback in more detail and discuss, what other activities are necessary to help improve the park.
Above, you can see the results of the completed survey.